Catherine Hussey Williams

Catherine Hussey Williams - Grape Escapes team

Escaping since January 2023

Favourite wine: Really depends on who I am with and the occasion – I love trying new grape varieties and always bring back local wines from my travels so tend to have lots of variety on my wine rack. My favourite wine is one shared with friends.

Best travel experience: I love France but recently took part in a Wine and Whisky Safari in Scotland which was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Best dining experience: In recent years, a stop at Atelier & Co., a working oyster farm in the Languedoc region of France. After a boat tour in the lagoon visiting the oyster beds with the owner, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch. The service was excellent and the oysters, washed down with local white wines, were delicious. Just perfect.

The Grape Escapes team take Bordeaux!

A few weeks ago, the whole Grape Escapes team packed their bags and prepared themselves for the annual team getaway to one of our bestselling destinations. This year, we had the chance to visit Bordeaux! We stayed in three luxury […]