Looking after ourselves and our friends in 2020

I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself when I say that 2020 has certainly taken its toll. Stress, anxiety, depression… I’ve felt it all this year and I know I’m not alone. We have all been negatively affected to […]


Need something to look forward to?

Hands (or glass?) up if you’ve missed out on a celebration this year. 2020 has definitely been the strangest year in most of our lifetimes, and so many of our plans have been put on hold. Big birthdays, milestone anniversaries, […]

Portugal’s Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde means green wine in Portuguese but actually translates as young wine. Vinho Verde wines tend to be released three to six months after the grapes are harvested and consumed soon after bottling. Vinho Verde is not a grape […]

Pack your case for Portugal!

We have been consistently impressed with the Portuguese tourism industry’s fighting spirit during the Covid-19 crisis. So we are truly delighted that from tomorrow onwards, UK travel restrictions will finally have been eased, and British travellers will be once again be welcomed with open arms […]

France: Latest Information and Advice

Since the start of this challenging and difficult year, our customers’ safety and wellbeing has been our number one priority, and we have particularly prided ourselves in providing accurate and up-to-date information, which so many of our customers have found […]


Pack your case, it’s time to escape!

At long last ladies and gentlemen, the day that so many of us in the UK have been (patiently?) waiting for is truly on the horizon. This coming week, the UK government will FINALLY announce that travel to France, Italy and […]

Self-drive holidays in France

Book your wine tour with Confidence

2020 has certainly been a tough year for travellers, and it has been devastating to see our beloved industry’s reputation take a hit as a consequence. Whilst the service offered by many of the specialist, family run tour operators has […]