Dispelling the Wine Myths


Everyone has that one dusty old bottle of red, kept at the back of the cupboard for years on end, in the vain hope that one day it will taste like liquid velvet. Chances are it won’t- not that you’ll ever find an occasion to open it! This week we have decided to find out what else we have been getting wrong on the wine-front.

“Dry wines have fewer calories than sweet wines”

It’s easy to see why many would think that a dessert wine might be high in sugar, but alcohol is calorific too! While a dry white may appear to be lower in sugar, the fermentation process has only transposed those calories somewhere else.

For those watching their waistlines, look out for a dry white which is below 12.5%, or a style of wine known for its low alcohol content, such as Prosecco.Credits-Veronality

“A heavy bottle signifies a good wine”

A heavy bottle signifies good packaging! It’s likely that the winery has factored their expensive packaging into the bottle price too which only adds to this appearance of a fine wine. Similarly, a punt (or a dimple in the bottom of the bottle) generally doesn’t reflect the quality of the wine either. It is better to be led by the label than a fancy bottle.

“A red wine should only be served at room temperature”

This guideline came way before the days of central heating, when people still wore woollen undergarments indoors. Serving a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at room temperature today is around five degrees warmer than the optimum temperature, so it would benefit from a quick chilling.A_Tarassac©Mary-Barral,-Hérault-Tourisme

“Wine improves with age…

…Like men.” So the saying goes. Although we can neither confirm or deny the latter, we can certainly confirm that wine does slowly deteriorate with age. Most wines have already been suitably aged by the vintner before you purchase them and are intended to be consumed straight away. Ancient Romans used to prefer aging their young wines, but they also thought wine was improved by the addition of sea water!

“Champagne should be saved for special occasions”

We don’t know anyone who actually believes this!

Of course, there is something special about the pop of the cork and drinking out of the crystal flutes you reserve for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but Champagne is one of the most versatile wines for enjoying with food and a good bottle doesn’t have to break the bank, so why not!Champagne

“Only philistines ask for help”

A sommelier’s day is far more interesting if they have the chance to talk about their passion. Why not ask a few questions, or talk about other wines you like to inspire their recommendation?

Do you want to find out more and learn all about your favourite wine(s)? There is no better way to do this than visiting the region and talking with the local winemakers. Visit our web site at www.grapeescapes.net or contact the team to start planning your next wine holiday on +44 (0) 1920 46 86 66 or email info@grapeescapes.net

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