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Lake Maggiore - Credits-Villa-e-Palazzo-Aminta

Discover the magical Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore stretches from the Ticino region in Switzerland to the north east of Piedmont and north west of Lombardy in Italy. Located on the southern side of the Alps, the Lake is surrounded by beautiful, preserved landscapes. Lake Maggiore […]

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A little history of the oak barrel

Oak barrels have been at the heart of wine production for centuries. First used as a container to transport the wine, it has become a popular medium to ferment and age wine. Barrels have been used to transport wine and […]

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An Introduction to Organic Wine

As we are becoming more and more aware of the damages and negative impact of global warming, we are increasingly looking into ways of reducing our carbon footprint. We are becoming more mindful of what we buy and what is […]

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Who really invented Champagne? The grape debate!

Typically produced in the Champagne region of France, to have its characteristic bubbles and effervescence, Champagne must undergo a second fermentation process. The answer of who made this initial discovery of Champagne needing a second fermentation has never been certain […]

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Chateau de Mazan – Perfectly Provence

Nestled in the heart of Provence, you will find a true Hidden Gem – Château de Mazan. The former residence of the Marquis de Sade, an 18th Century French aristocrat, politician and writer who was infamous for his outrageous, libertine lifestyle, […]

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Viva La Vinotherapy!

We love wine. And we love to be pampered. So as you can imagine, the emerging concept of “vinotherapy” has truly had us reaching for our fluffy robes and racing full pelt to the vineyards! So what is this heavenly […]

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Port – The British Connection

Portugal has been producing wine for hundreds of years, however the development of Port wines is mainly due to its unique connection with Britain. In 1386, a first treaty is signed between Portugal and Britain, instituting a preferential trade agreement […]

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