Nicola Downs


Escaping since February 2019

Favourite wine : Rioja is my favourite red wine, although the white Rioja’s aren’t bad either 😊

Favourite Grape Escapes destination : Porto and the Douro Valley. The two complement each other so well, you get to experience a city and then finish up in the middle of nowhere – bliss! Although the windy roads to get to the Douro can be a little unsettling!

Strangest food ever eaten : Kumache in Venezuela which is a hot sauce containing red ants and termites!

The Grape Escapes team take Bordeaux!

A few weeks ago, the whole Grape Escapes team packed their bags and prepared themselves for the annual team getaway to one of our bestselling destinations. This year, we had the chance to visit Bordeaux! We stayed in three luxury […]