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France’s Best Christmas Markets

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s tempting to huddle up on the sofa with a warming glass of mulled wine and a good film, and simply watch the world pass by outside your frosted windows. But stop! Don’t […]

Grape Escapes’ Top Tips for Wine Tours

For wine lovers, the best trip they can take is a wine holiday, complete with wine tour days to see where their favourite wines are produced, as well as discovering new producers and tasting fabulous wines! Ensure that you make […]

A Wine Lover’s Bucket List

Last night, as I was sipping a glass of wine in my garden, enjoying the last few rays of summer,  I (like many others) was dreaming of holidays and places I would love to see, things I would love to […]

Champagne- A Very British Love Affair

Us Brits are a frugal bunch. Constantly concerned with our personal finances, savings and pensions, we’ve got being thrifty down to an art. But one thing we don’t mind splashing out on is Champagne. By far the biggest export market […]