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Port – The British Connection

Portugal has been producing wine for hundreds of years, however the development of Port wines is mainly due to its unique connection with Britain. In 1386, a first treaty is signed between Portugal and Britain, instituting a preferential trade agreement […]


A Little History of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, also known as the garden of France due to the large number of vineyards and field which border the river, is not only famous for its wines, but also for its rich historic and cultural heritage. Home […]


Top tips for post lockdown travel ✈

After the most traumatic twelve months in many of our lives, we can finally see a glimmer of light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel. Many countries are now taking tentative steps towards welcoming international visitors once again […]


The Rising Popularity of Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wines can be a potentially very controversial topic, depending on your personal beliefs, as it is often debated how much of the biodynamic process is on a spiritual and astronomical level. Organic farming methods are used to make biodynamic […]


Dispelling the Wine Myths

Everyone has that one dusty old bottle of red, kept at the back of the cupboard for years on end, in the vain hope that one day it will taste like liquid velvet. Chances are it won’t- not that you’ll […]


The Prettiest Wine Villages

At Grape Escapes we believe winter (and lockdown) is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine wrapped in a warm blanket while discussing your next holiday! To help you endure these long winter months and the depressing global […]


Let’s celebrate love!

Looking back at Valentine’s Day a year ago, things couldn’t be more different. A year ago, we might have been planning a lovely meal in a nice restaurant, a romantic weekend away, or perhaps a spa day with Champagne. This […]


The Secrets of the Orange Wine

Rioja is more than just Tempranillo and red wine made in oak barrels. In the last few years, some winemakers have gone further and started trying other things – and orange wine is a great example. It all started in […]


What goes on tour, stays in our memories…

During our (seemingly never ending!) latest lockdown, it’s not just the Grape Escapes UK team who are missing our much-loved customers. Our local guides are also pining for your company! We caught up with our favourite Spanish guide, the lovely Itziar, […]