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Discover the vast winelands and beautiful coastlines of Portugal’s sunny south, from the stunning capital city of Lisbon through the historic region of Alentejo down to the Algarve. Or, hop across the Atlantic to explore the breath-taking island of Madeira.


Known as the ‘city of seven hills’, Lisbon sits at the mouth of the Tejo River in Portugal’s west. From the top of the city, enjoy magnificent views over terracotta-tiled roofs, with panoramic views stretching down to the Atlantic Ocean. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, you’re guaranteed a holiday with brilliant wine and weather to match.

As the urban centre of Lisbon grows, it expands into the vineyards, which means that historic DOCs such as Colares, Carcavelos and Bucelas today serve a historic purpose, rather than produce great quantities of wines.

Lisbon wine tours
Lisbon wine tour

Península de Setúbal

Just a stone’s throw from Lisbon sits the Península de Setúbal, a secluded paradise made up of golden beaches and azure waters as far as the eye can see. The seafood couldn’t come any fresher, and this coastal bay was one of Portugal’s most significant fishing ports up until a few decades ago. Further inland, old city palaces sit on squares with stone fountains.

This is a place with an extraordinary 2,000-year history, and whose coastlines are said to still show traces of dinosaurs. Bordered by the breath-taking coastal mountains of the Serra da Arrabida, we highly recommend planning enough time to discover the excellent wines and natural beauty of this ‘parque natural’ just 30 miles to the south of the Capital.

Setubal South Portugal wine tour
Setubal South Portugal wine tour

Alentejo and Tejo

Portugal’s largest region, Alentejo, stretches across most of the country’s south between the beach-famed Algarve and Lisbon, making it the perfect addition to a longer stay in Lisbon or the south of Portugal with its delightful cuisine, endless vineyards and winery visits.

The Tejo wine region (formerly known as Ribatejo), in the centre of Portugal, is known for its traditional wine making methods from foot treading to community harvest. As well as expansive vineyards, central Portugal is also renowned for its production of cork; in the Tejo region alone you can find 30,000 acres of cork trees.


Alentejo Portugal wine tour
Alentejo Portugal wine tour


For an otherworldly getaway, venture to tropical territory: the island of Madeira is set in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of northwest Africa. Home to a diverse range of nature, wild beaches, and a UNESCO-listed ancient forest, Madeira makes for an utterly unique holiday for lovers of the outdoors – but of course, also of wine. Madeira’s sweet, fortified wines quickly became one of the western world’s greatest imports centuries ago, claimed by Francisco I in the 1700s to be Europe’s ‘richest and most delicious’ wine.

Madeira Portugal wine tour

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